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  • Empire White Table Light

Empire White Table Light

Color: WHITE

Elevate any event with the Empire White Table Light by Filini. With its portable design, it effortlessly transforms any space into an intimate setting, making it ideal for weddings, parties, and special occasions. Illuminate your moments with ease and style using the Empire White Table Light. 



  • Static or color changing
  • 16 pre-set colours
  • 4 brightness modes
  • Indoor & outdoor



  • Height: 33 cm
  • Diameter: 11 cm



  • Aluminum
  • Unit price multiple days

    3-7 days → 1.5 days charge
    8-14 days → 2.0 days charge
    15-21 days → 3.0 days charge
    22-31 days → 4.0 days charge

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